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1957 Stratocaster

 Full-sized clear plastic Stratocaster, used for the 1957 NAMM show to demonstrate the inner workings of the Strat.

 1957 Stratocaster two-tone sunburst. Incredible condition, near mint, all original. Typical '57 V-shaped neck in medium-flamed maple, dated Sept. '57. 

  A lot of the early bakelite parts were replaced with vinyl.  Bakelite would stay white a long time but vinyl soon turned yellow with age.

 A vintage guitar has all it's original hardware. It's nice when you see one that's gotten a lot of use.  Usually it means the guitar sounded great.

 Buddy Holly's brother bought him his first Stratocaster. A 1957 with the sunburst finish. That guitar was stolen.

 A blonde 1957 Stratocaster.  This `57 Strat (body date 08/57, neck date 11/57) was made by Fender in Fullerton, California.

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